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We can and will tell you about the range of roles and opportunities we have from graduate entry to roles we have for people with years of experience and knowledge in cyber security. But at Quorum Cyber, our people speak for themselves.



Graduate Cyber Security Specialist

I joined Quorum Cyber a year ago on the Graduate programme. We’re well known at my University on the cyber course and there are a few of us here. it’s a rotational scheme where we go through different departments and then we pick one that we wanted. So originally I actually wanted to be in Penetration Testing or Offensive, but after being in here, I went to the SOC, and I thought the SOC was amazing, so much better than I thought it was going to be. Now I’m in Client Services and I thought this is way better than I thought it was going to be. I have a couple more to go to like Engineering and Incident Response and Advisory and Service Delivery maybe. So yeah, I’m a massive believer in you should definitely give everything a try.

Helping people is something that makes me very, very happy. Cyber security is basically that. It’s in technology and you’re helping the world, make it a better place, stopping bullies. Being here is way better than I thought it was going to be. I have never, ever, ever worked for a company like this before. Everybody is so friendly. I’m normally a really anxious person and every single person here, without fail, makes me feel welcome. I love it.

There are so many opportunities here – We get two days a month for our own development and then there’s the certifications – Quorum want us to get all the certifications so when we finish we’ll be insanely qualified. We are very inclusive, reassuring and incredibly welcoming – a great place to work.



Head of Offensive Security

I actually worked for a company that worked with Quorum Cyber doing Pen testing. I knew Fede, so when he needed someone to manage Pen testing here I joined – that was in 2021. Being part of Quorum Cyber is more then I was expecting. I’m happy here and I can’t imagine many other places where I would be given the leeway to manage my team the way I can here.

We’re growing fairly quickly and I think we’re heading to a good place – you get to do more empowering stuff.  You can feel that you affect and help more customers, or bigger customers.

Quorum Cyber are building people from the ground up.  Rather than waiting for the industry to develop them and then snap them when they’re ready.  That was actually one of the things, when I joined QC, one of the chats I had with Fede about it was budget and training budgets.  What Fede presented was very different than everywhere else.  Almost – I wouldn’t say unlimited budget because there is no such thing – but a very generous budget in terms of training, yearly budget in terms of training, per person. I don’t think I’ve ever had any training request or certification request being turned down or challenged.

We have real quality in the people here – the expertise that we have within the company also helps guide more junior people into going in the right direction.  They can actually look up and ask which broad direction I should be heading for and get that direction. So the idea behind the Academy is that you have certain experts in their field that actually curate content that is relevant and important for someone that wants to develop that field.  That’s the basic idea behind the Academy Guild Masters.  It’s also the responsibility of the Guild Master to try to understand which content should go in which stage of progression on that field to motivate people to find out more..

I think that we have our heart in the right place, we deliver, and we’re innovative. We’re also not the smallest but we are definitely not a big machine and we’d all fight that. It’s a cool place.



Compliance Officer

I’ve been here at Quorum Cyber for nearly a year. Before I joined there was a lot of buzz about Quorum – a really, really friendly outlook, they take care of their people. That was the impression I got whenever I had spoken to anyone from there at their careers day, and what was online. I had also been to a few talks at conferences where one of the Incident Response staff did a talk on an incident that Quorum handled. That was at Digit Expo. It was very interesting, and he was very passionate about the work. So, I took from that that they have passionate and enthusiastic people there and I’m really interested in cybersecurity itself, so it’s what I want to be a part of.

I’d missed the graduate and SOC entry, but I got a call about a new direct Compliance role and I was excited to join. And it’s true – Quorum really do look after you and take care of you. I have felt a lot of support. Anyway, after 6 months I saw an internal role for a SOC Analyst and applied for that. I was pleased to find out I got high marks on my interview and was accepted! When I first joined I was told that one of the biggest things in Quorum is they will focus on getting you on the career path you want, so there is always room to move if you start in one department but you have your eyes on somewhere else. Even if you get experience in the place you started there’s still room for progression to keep you developing your career inside the company. That’s very much what I’ve been able to do!

I love learning and I would say that that’s one of the other parts about Quorum I really like. They have allowed people to have some assigned time for working on professional development and skills, so you get some time each week to work on qualifications. The people are great here too and super supportive. Some really are majorly techy, and they can talk forever about cybersecurity, which is great and they can help you along the way. Others can tell you more about business and there’s a lot to be gained from that too.

We’re a developing company with lots to offer – I’d definitely recommend it.


Our people come from many backgrounds, and everyone brings a different dimension to who we are and how we work. It’s a pretty fluid environment as catching out cyber bullies means that we need to be. So if you like a challenge, the opportunity to learn, a place where teams are important but individuals and their contribution matter, Quorum Cyber could well be for you.

There’s only one way to find out. Hit that Apply button.