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Why pursue a career in Cyber Security?

Whether you’re a graduate, amid a career change or you’re just looking for the next challenge there are several opportunities to begin, build or expand a career in Cyber Security – from Security Analyst, Security Engineer, to Threat Intel Analyst or Security Consultant.

What path should I take?

You’ve got the technical skills, you may even have a degree in Cyber security, but with so many different roles on offer, how do you go about finding the perfect Cyber path for you?

Here at Quorum Cyber, we believe finding the right path for you is a bit like a puzzle, to solve the puzzle you need to know what skills you excel in, what attributes you possess and what interests you. Once you figure each one of these questions out you can put together a picture of what area would be a great fit for you.

To help you along, our Talent Manager, Bill Thomson, gives his insight on cyber security roles, attributes, and what career progression a career in cyber security can offer.


Threat Intel Analyst

Inquisitive, investigative, quick thinking, calm

A threat analyst specialises in monitoring and analysing active as well as potential cyber security threats while gathering intelligence from a wide spectrum of sources.

Career Progression

  • Incident Responder
  • Senior Incident Responder
  • Head of Professional Services



Creative, attention to detail, quick learning, patient

A software developer identifies, designs, codes, installs, and tests software apps they create. Once developers have delivered the app, they will also help with maintaining and updating.

Career Progression

  • Senior Developer
  • Lead Developer
  • Head of Engineering

Cyber Security Analyst

Perceptive, persistent, attentive, critical

SOC analysts identify and responds to cyber security threats and incidents, maintain and communicate technical data to stakeholders and collaborate on product and process improvements.

Career Progression

  • Senior Security Analyst
  • SOC Manager


Security Consultant

Strategic, critical, organised, confident

Security Consultants offer security advice and expertise to organisations to help them manage risk and improve the security and compliance of their business.

Career Progression

  • Senior Security Consultant
  • Team Leader Advisory
  • Head of Professional Services


Penetration Tester

Curious, methodical, organised, questioning

As a penetration tester, you will perform authorised tests on computer systems to expose weaknesses in their security that could be exploited by criminals. You will conduct tests and purposefully attempt to exploit existing computer systems and software to detect and correct system weaknesses.

Career Progression

  • Lead Penetration Tester
  • Head of Offensive Security
  • Head of Professional Services


Security Engineer

Curious, investigative, creative, collaborative

A Security Engineer is responsible for delivering effective and efficient engineering solutions both internally and for our customers, always pushing the boundaries of what we do.

Security Engineers are expected to respond to, and document, any security threats, resolve technical faults and allocate resources to deliver real solutions.

Career Progression

  • Senior Security Engineer
  • Engineering Team Lead
  • Head of Engineering


What now?

At Quorum Cyber we are offering a full cyber experience, gaining knowledge and understanding across all of our teams and services. From monitoring threats in our SOC team to respond to an incident with our Incident Response team, you’ll come away with tonnes of industry knowledge and accreditations.

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