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Congratulations! We’re delighted that you’ve been invited to an interview with Quorum Cyber and we’re really pleased you’ve agreed to attend. So what happens next?

Well, you’ve obviously had a good look around our website to see what services we offer our customers, you’ve read a few of our blogs and watched a couple of our webinars and videos. You’ve visited our LinkedIn page to learn more about who we are and what we get up to at one of the fastest growing cyber security companies in the UK. And perhaps you’ve checked out the LinkedIn page of the person interviewing you. You may even know somebody who already works here.

We’re very fortunate that every time we post a new job advert on the vacancies page of our careers’ website, we receive plenty of quality applications. Some are from experienced, highly-skilled candidates and some are from really motivated people who are at the early stages of their career and who we’re confident have the abilities to rapidly become top-drawer individuals themselves. In a nutshell, we recruit a healthy mixture of people of all levels of experience.

What our interviewers are looking for

Although we have a variety of roles to fill as we expand our team to serve a growing number of customers around the world, our friendly interviewers are looking to see how candidates present themselves and how they communicate. That’s because while we’re a technology company at heart, we need to talk to our customers every day. So we like to talk to potential recruits who are dynamic, fully engaged, team-spirited and passionate about their area of expertise – and eager to share their knowledge with others. Can you explain your specialist subject to us personally? Can you bring it to life? Could you talk to a customer about it?

For our many technical roles, our interviewers typically like to see how a candidate can explain something technical to a more general audience rather than just another technical-minded colleague or customer. They might ask you how a piece of technology runs or how certain software and hardware work together, but they basically want to give you the chance to expound on your chosen subject area and walk them through it. They aren’t trying to catch anyone out – that’s not how we do things here – they just want to check how well you understand the technology and how well you explain it.

What shall we talk about?

So who decides whether we ask you about encryption, or multi-factor authentication, or ransomware or service delivery? The easy answer is that you choose this for yourself when you submit your CV and lay out your skills and areas of expertise. So if you want to talk about identity management or firewalls or penetration testing, then let’s have a chat about that topic.

We hope this helps you prepare a little more for the day. Whatever role you’re interviewing for, we wish you the very best of luck and hope to meet you when you join our team soon!